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Important Message Regarding Target Payment Card Breach

As many of you may already know, Target was recently the victim of an unauthorized breach of its payment system that involved the theft of certain card data. Customers who used their debit or credit cards, including Target's REDcard, at a Target store between November 27 and December 15, 2013 may have had their cards compromised. Customers who used their card at Target during this time should monitor their account and report any fraudulent activity. We are working with Visa to identify any of our customers who may have been impacted by this breach.

We wanted to provide you with some information on how American National Bank is assisting to protect your account. As always, all American National Bank's debit and credit cards are protected by FraudWatch Plus - a proactive approach to stop fraud in its early stages.

  • FraudWatch Plus monitors debit card transactions 24/7 looking for any suspicious activity or activity which is outside the normal behavior of our customer.
  • For those transactions that look suspicious, our Fraud Prevention Service will contact you to determine the authenticity of the card transactions. The Fraud Prevention Services team will contact customers between the hours of 8am and 9pm CST.
  • If you need to contact Fraud Prevention Services the number is 866-842-5208 and again they are available 24/7.
  • It's important for you to know that Visa's Zero Liability Policy will protect your account against any unauthorized purchases.

Please review your debit and/or credit card account activity and statements frequently. To monitor your debit account, please log in to your online banking account, at or call the Banklink number at 800-725-5465. If there appears to be any unauthorized or suspicious activity, please call Customer Service at 800-279-0007.

If you used your Target Red card, please contact Target if you would like it closed. Please be aware that those transactions are processed using your checking account and routing number, therefor would not be monitored by our Fraud Watch. If you do see an unauthorized ACH item, you may go to your local branch to sign an unauthorized ACH form ASAP to have it returned.

American National Bank was not compromised in this attack and your confidential information with us continues to remain secure. The security and safety of your account is a priority for us, and we are working to ensure unfortunate events like what occurred with Target do not adversely impact you.

More information is available at Target's corporate website. Guests who suspect unauthorized activity should contact Target at: 866-852-8680.

To review a FAQ provided by Visa please click here.



Convenience in a Card

These days convenience is more important than ever, and we're all looking for faster, better ways of doing things. Your checking account can work even harder for you when you add the convenience of a VISA® Check Card. It gives you all the benefits of a credit card and the convenience of a check.

A Visa® Check Card lets you use the money from your checking account without ever writing a check. Use it at restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, or your favorite department store. Here are just a few of the features:

  • Safer than cash and welcomed everywhere VISA® cards are accepted both around town and around the world
  • Zero liability protection on purchases, which offers 100% protection against unauthorized use of your card
  • The ability to withdraw cash at any American National Bank ATM or at any other ATM for a small fee
  • Every transaction is itemized on your checking account statement, making it easy to track your spending.

It's easy to use!

Just swipe your card, select credit, sign the receipt and go. By processing your purchases as a "credit" transaction and signing, you are also protected by zero liability*, which offers 100 percent protection against unauthorized use of your card if it's ever lost or stolen. Visit our FAQ's section to learn more about processing transactions with your PIN.

Your Visa® Check Card also lets you withdraw money at any American National Bank ATM, or at any other ATM for a small fee. It's easy to add a Visa® Check Card to your checking account. Stop by the branch, or give us a call, and we'll get you started with the convenience of a Visa® Check Card.

*Visa's® Zero Liability Policy does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa® or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholder must notify issuer promptly of any unauthorized use. For additional details visit


Lost or Stolen Card

To report a lost or stolen card, call 1-800-264-5578.



Need another reason to get yourself a Visa® Check Card? All of our Visa® Check Cards come with protection through FraudWatch. FraudWatch monitors your transaction history and fraud patterns to identify suspicious activity on your card. If suspicious activity is detected, a FraudWatch analyst will notify you of the suspected activity. If you are planning to take a trip outside the U.S. or where you don't regularly travel, contact us before you leave to make sure your service remains uninterrupted. To report a lost or stolen card, call 1-800-264-5578




Do you have additional questions about the VISA® Check Card through American National Bank? Below are some FAQ's to help you learn more.

What is a VISA® check card?

A VISA® Check Card is a convenient way to access your checking account. It has all the benefits of a credit card, but works the same as a check.

Where can I use my VISA® check card?

Use your VISA® Check Card anywhere that VISA® cards are accepted including gas stations, grocery stores, and even your favorite department store.

How do I use my VISA® check card?

Just swipe, select "credit", sign your receipt, and go! If you are asked to enter your PIN number, check with the cashier to see if it is possible to use the "credit" option. If credit is not an option, you may opt to use your PIN instead.

What is the difference between using my PIN number and using my signature?

When you use your VISA® Check Card as a credit card, you will not need to enter your PIN, thus keeping your account and PIN secure. Additionally, using the "credit" option automatically gives you zero liability protection which offers 100% protection against the unauthorized use of your card in the event that it is ever lost or stolen.

What does Zero Liability protect me from?

The Visa® Zero Liability policy protects card users from unauthorized use of their card in the event the card is ever lost or stolen. Zero Liability protects only credit purchases. Therefore, ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by VISA®, or certain commercial card transactions will not be covered by the Zero Liability policy.

What if I'm asked to provide my PIN number?

Ask the cashier if you are able to process your VISA® Check Card as a "credit" transaction. If this is not possible, you will need to provide your PIN number.

Am I able to withdraw money from an ATM with my VISA® check card?

Absolutely! You can withdraw money from any American National ATM, or at any other ATM for a small fee. Be sure to check out the benefits of our Smart Checking program at American National Bank in order to eliminate ATM fees!

How do I get a VISA® check card?

Stop by an American National Bank branch or give us a call and we will get you started.

Still have questions?

Contact an American National Bank representative at 800-279-0007 or link to the VISA® website at



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